Friday, September 9, 2022

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 Hello Flower Lovers! 

Another- whew what a year(s) it has been. So many changes in the world, and in the Fleurie world. I am growing most of the flowers I sell, no small feat for our changing climate. 65+ days over 100 degrees so far this year, and I fear summer isn't done yet! The plants are so resilient though, and I almost always have flowers available to send out on deliveries or for pick up. 

I am busy with end of summer tasks like pulling the spent summer flowers, sowing lots of seeds for spring bloom and patiently waiting for bulbs to arrive- Double Tulips, Hyacinth, and lots of Dutch Iris. 

Lisianthus seedlings will be arriving near end of October, I've never ordered plugs before, but I am joining two flower grower friends and sharing an order. I will keep locals posted if I have some extra plants to share in the early spring. 

I'd like to provide a link to my online store where you can purchase arrangements for pickup or delivery-

Another development, is that I joined Rooted Farmers, a platform for growers, wholesale buyers and retail sales. I can sell and buy flowers wholesale, and you can buy flowers wholesale when you sign up with your business details and resale certificate, or buy flowers and goods retail. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hello, long time no write. What a year its been!

Early summer bounty

When I set out on my floral business journey, I primarily did flowers for weddings. It was my spot I was comfortable in, and made that my focus. That was over 11 years ago, and so much has changed! 

In 2018, I started thinking that I would cut back a bit on the larger weddings, I wanted to focus on what I could accomplish by myself. I accepted weddings that I could complete in a reasonable amount of time, some late nights, and with delivery and set-up help from my husband. 

2019 came and that June I made a promise to myself and (my husband) that I wouldn't take those larger weddings. Elopements yes but not full-on weddings. I took part of that year off to recover from knee replacement and had lots of time to ponder what next. 

We all know what happened in 2020, don't need to go there! It was such a coincidence and blessing to me to have already began to cut back on larger weddings because, well, the few that I had on the books got cancelled or rescheduled. But my own loss of business wasn't traumatic like so many of my flower friends experienced, or are still feeling the effects of. My heart hurts for their personal losses and difficult times. 

I had lots of flowers growing in my little tiny urban flower farm, which were planted the previous fall and early spring. I put the word out that I was accepting orders for daily deliveries, taking all the precautions for safe delivery set out by the CDC and our local government. The orders came in strong. It was heartwarming and heart-wrenching sometimes to write out those cards to the recipients. People were sending love and warm wishes to loved ones they couldn't see; whether it was because of distance and unable to travel, or because of utmost precautions in an effort to keep from spreading the virus or contracting it. 

I sent out so many arrangements that late March through May- I was tending and harvesting flowers, procuring more from flower farmer friends and ordering from California grown flower suppliers to fill those orders. I used up vases I had in inventory and ordered more- I asked for extra vases from friends and clients and they came through too! 

The heartfelt words of the senders lifted me up and gave me more hope for humanity during a very raw time of division and hate. 

I designed flowers for elopements and small weddings that had been postponed to fall for the nicest couples and their families. Those couples went through a lot in postponements, rescheduling and venue changes! The good thing is- they're through that and married now! 

Flowers soothe the soul and calm the weary mind; in the growing, designing, and also receiving of them. Flowers can change someone's outlook. Flowers can say I love you, congratulations, I am sorry, I feel for you, I am proud of you, and I grieve with you, and I remember. 

Here we are halfway through 2021, and I am still in awe of the love being shared. The sweet messages and thoughts being shared. I am in a time in my business that I am very much enjoying growing flowers, and sending out seasonal arrangements, flower crowns, sympathy pieces, and providing flowers for micro-weddings and small events. I have received such positive feedback on the types and style of designs I am sending out. I got my first Google review! Fleurie on Google It does my heart good and its more than worth it to me for the time and effort it takes to plan and grow the flowers.

My website is being updated as we speak, to reflect more of what services and styles I am currently providing. 

I also have a shop-site here- where you can order flowers for pick-up or delivery from.

I want to sincerely thank everyone that has supported this flower-gal and kept my hands in flowers and soil over the years- I have benefitted greatly by it mentally, physically and spiritually and met the most wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of my flowery heart. 

Early spring bounty

Friday, January 3, 2020

Where does time go when you're running a business? Some elusive place, never to be discovered again is my theory! 

I'd like to take a moment before more days pass in January 2020, to thank all my clients and fellow vendors that have entrusted me and this little company I call Fleurie, (fleur+Laurie) for their most special occasions.  It's a trust that is not taken lightly- flower filled events and the giving of flowers is very personal, and I treat it that way in what and how I design and create

I truly enjoy creating all things flowery, the thoughtfully crafted designs come from my heart. I feel like I’ve been given a gift for working with flowers in almost any form- a gift that I am so grateful for, and delighted to share
Fleurie Flower Studio
Fleurie-grown flowers, captured by Liz Noel Photography

Growing plants and working with flowers is second nature to me, truly a lifelong passion. Talking and interacting about budgets and contracts though, is not a thing that comes naturally for an introverted flower girl, even after so many years of it!

Fleurie-grown flowers in late April/ early May. Liz Noel Photography
2019 has been eventful- I had knee replacement surgery mid- summer, and took several months off to heal.  It was a time to redefine how I wanted to proceed in business and life. I scaled back on larger events and focused on more personal, intimate weddings, elopements and events using the seasonal flowers I am growing, and buying as local as possible for everything else.

I’m growing even more carefully selected flowers than ever in my tiny urban garden- ranunculus, anemones, tulips, Dutch iris, sweet peas, and other goodies to start the year off (hint: hello early spring events!)
Liz Noel Photography

I’m always working to become greener in my life and I’ve always taken steps to be ecologically sensitive, and that will continue on with responsibly-grown flowers, growing flowers for bees and pollinators, and providing a healthy place for birds to stop and drink and find a snack
Bachelors Buttons are a pollinator and bird favorite!

 I want to say, THANK YOU all for helping me grow this year and in past years, and for ‘growing’ along with me in the future!

April 2020 will be a milestone for me, celebrating 10 years officially in business!

Wishing you personal growth, health and happiness, and a Happy and Prosperous New Decade!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

New Year, New Logo, New Ideas

I'd like to wish my clients and readers 
(if you're out there still! Sorry, long time no blog!)


I decided to change it up a bit this year; first off a new logo! 

A while back I talked about taking a different approach to my business; being true to my heart and using more flowers from my garden and locally, seasonally grown.   
In reflection of the business changes I’ve made, I had a new logo designed by Kelley of Brain Flower Design. She created just what I wanted. It was such a smooth process; somehow she just knew! I’m very sentimental and symbolic, and I wanted my logo to reflect-

BLOOMS: highlighting my favorites- roses, violas and dahlias surrounded with a fern to have a connection to my previous logo, a wreath I had drawn. 

ROOTS: to represent my connection to the earth. I’ve grown plants all my life and believe in appreciating nature from the ground up. Symbolizing a plant (or person’s) growth-journey 

Thanks go to my daughter Lauren for helping me narrow down the choices Kelley provided, and for thinking up my tagline last year! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Thoughtfully Crafted Garden Style Design

Fleurie garden style wedding bouquet

Wow has it been since January since I posted? Whoops, where does time go? We all say that, but really; life travels at warp speed the older I get. 

I was happy to have some down time this summer to really enjoy time without planning and plotting and sourcing flowers. Time spent with my husband and daughters, not to mention my dogs and my garden.

A soft introduction to what's been on my heart for a long time- 

The events I enjoy most are the ones where my creativity is allowed to shine, and I can source the freshest and most local flowers- as many as possible from my cutting garden. Thoughtfully Crafted Garden Style design is where my true passion lies, and I am most satisfied when there is a loose color palette, but not super specific flowers to be sourced. Season's Best. That's what I love to use in my designs.

 Late Summer / Fall Arrangement 

Early Spring Arrangement

So what this means is:

For 2019, I am fine tuning my schedule; including more true garden style events, intimate affairs, elopements, and events that really show off the Season's Best Flowers, mostly grown in the Fleurie Garden, locally sourced and California grown. Its my thang, my jam, my 'look', my style and the type of events I want to put my name on. 
It's my true passion to use the flowers I grow, and the style of events I prefer. 
If this sounds like your thing, please inquire! I also have many items in my inventory that I rent out at a nominal cost to you when you are a Fleurie Client. 

Wedding Inquiry Form HERE

Thursday, January 11, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A few wedding highlights- first half of 2017 in review-

Hello and Happy 2018!

2017 was a beautiful year in flowers and 
I'd love to share a few photos with you!

I want to send out sincere thanks and gratitude to the clients who chose Fleurie for their most special days. Without clients that have placed their trust in me for their flowers, my business would be nothing.

I'm not your traditional florist with a shop and employees. The people that book me get me, not one of the employees executing the designs. Most days it's just me, myself and I. That can be a lot of pressure! Personally, I prefer the smaller business model I have embraced since I started the business back in 2010. Arranging flowers and the growing of them is a very personal thing for me. Maybe it shouldn't be- but it is. I put heart into every piece. I believe that the clients that choose Fleurie can feel this and see it in what is created just for them.
Here are a few of the weddings that started off the year-

                           Clovis Castle                           
Fleurie, Fresno Wedding, :Lapsley Photography
Lapsley Photography
Lapsley Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

DC Photography

DC Photography

Hailey Golich Photography

Hailey Golich Photography

Hailey Golich Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Ellie Koleen Photography

Private Residence, Fresno 

Friday, November 24, 2017


I recently got to do a little freestyle flower designing with Ellie Koleen for her annual Friendsgiving Party. She's also started up a lifestyle blog (finally haha!) She's got a great sense of style!

So without further ado, here's Ellie's inaugural Lifestyle Blog post:
Friendsgiving 2017 & The Charcuterie Table

Ellie Koleen 
Vases, Napkins: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia
Stoneware: Target
Flatware: Target
Flowers: Fleurie

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Megan Welker Photography
Photo: Megan Welker 
(see the full feature at this link)

I am excited to show you this light, airy and seasonal wedding inspiration that I worked on this spring! I have long admired Megan's photography, and when she asked if I wanted to participate, oh heck ya I said YES!
I have been intrigued with old barns my entire life, pointing them out on car trips, always so curious to know what was inside....the history behind them. Well I got to find out what it was like inside a barn on a rare extremely windy spring day in the middle of a wheat field near Tulare, at Westwood Barns newest venue location.
First impression: it was noisy on that terribly windy day! The animals housed within so many years ago must have been scared when it was windy- everything clanked and rattled and shook. But when the wind finally calmed, it was beautiful and serene. What was magical was the way the afternoon sun shone brightly through the old boards of the barn. Then looking around, I had realized my dream of going into one of those barns, and just taking in all the details of the architecture- sure it was built for function, but there is something beautiful about function.
Photo by Megan Welker

Megan Welker Photography

Megan Welker Photography

Megan Welker Photography
The way that a group of wedding and event vendors can come up with a beautiful design, all done over email and texts is still amazing to me. Megan had a plan and we each brought our own part of the puzzle, and it all looked great together. Thank you for including me on this beautiful day!

Venue - Westwood Barns @westwoodbarns  
Photographer - Megan Welker @meganwelker
Ribbons/Runner - Tono and Co @tonoandco
Florist - Fleurie @fleurieflowerstudio
Tables - Letter and Grain farm tables @letterandgrain
Calligrapher - Poppyjack @poppyjackshop

Dress - The Dress Theory @thedresstheorysandiego

Friday, May 12, 2017

AS SEEN IN: Ruffled Blog: Spring Almond Orchard Wedding Inspiration

I'd like to share a recent accomplishment with you all! I have long been a fan of  Ruffled Blog, so when Katie shared with me that they would publish our work, I was thrilled! 

This group of incredible creatives came together through the magic of social media connections. I want to thank  planner and stylist Katie Kalafat of First Comes Love Events, and Katie McGihon for including me in this beautiful day. 

The model couple is a real married couple, their love for each other really shines through! The February day couldn't have been prettier, with cotton-candy skies and a most amazing softly hued sunset. A great team of creative people came together and set a beautiful scene.

From Ruffled Blog:
 "Spring, we love you so much, and perhaps never so much as when we saw this styled shoot from Katie McGihon PhotographyFirst Comes Love Events, and Fleurie Flower Studio. With the softest colors, beautiful lace details, and even a sweet puppy visitor, all the magic happens in a beautiful almond orchard in California. We’re SO on board"
Katie McGihon Photography

Katie McGihon Photography

Photography: Katie McGihon Photography
Floral Design: Fleurie Flower Studio
Style and Coordination: First Comes Love Events
Styling Assistant: Courtney Schwartz
Venue: Luke’s Almond Acres
Wedding Dress and Accessories: Nic & Day
Jewelry: Nic & Day and Belladaar
Hair and Makeup: Jen Plus Colour
Men’s Attire: Express
Wedding Cake: Over the Rainbow Desserts
Cupcakes: KT Cakes Cupcakes
Rentals: Circle of Events
Farm Table: R Wedding House
Table Linen: Silk and Willow
Vow Book, Sign In Book, Table Numbers: BHLDN
Dishware: Dish Wish
Bouquet Ribbon: FrouFrou Chic
Stationery: Poste
Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Models: Tim and Christina Creiglow

Sunday, April 2, 2017

FLEURIE FEBRUARY WEDDING: in the verdant foothills of Fresno County

Presenting Jason and Nicole's wedding at Clovis Castle, in the verdant foothills of Fresno County. The month had seen record rainfall......the weeks and day before the ceremony, it rained....but on that Saturday in February, it was brilliantly sunny and warm, setting a beautiful scene for the big day.

First, the views from the hilltop venue are amazing!
Photo: Derek Lapsley Photographer
Enjoy a view of their beautiful day captured by Derek Lapsley Photography

wedding, Fresno Wedding, Clovis Wedding

Fresno Wedding, Clovis Wedding

Fresno Wedding Florist Clovis Wedding Florist

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography, Fresno Wedding, Clovis Wedding, Bride's Bouquet

Fleurie Flower Studio - Derek Lapsley Photography

Wedding gown: Maggie Sottero 'Ginny' from Premiere Bride in Fresno, CA