New Year, New Logo, New Ideas

I'd like to wish my clients and readers 
(if you're out there still! Sorry, long time no blog!)


I decided to change it up a bit this year; first off a new logo! 

A while back I talked about taking a different approach to my business; being true to my heart and using more flowers from my garden and locally, seasonally grown.   
In reflection of the business changes I’ve made, I had a new logo designed by Kelley of Brain Flower Design. She created just what I wanted. It was such a smooth process; somehow she just knew! I’m very sentimental and symbolic, and I wanted my logo to reflect-

BLOOMS: highlighting my favorites- roses, violas and dahlias surrounded with a fern to have a connection to my previous logo, a wreath I had drawn. 

ROOTS: to represent my connection to the earth. I’ve grown plants all my life and believe in appreciating nature from the ground up. Symbolizing a plant (or person’s) growth-journey 

Thanks go to my daughter Lauren for helping me narrow down the choices Kelley provided, and for thinking up my tagline last year!