Thoughtfully Crafted Garden Style Design

Fleurie garden style wedding bouquet

Wow has it been since January since I posted? Whoops, where does time go? We all say that, but really; life travels at warp speed the older I get. 

I was happy to have some down time this summer to really enjoy time without planning and plotting and sourcing flowers. Time spent with my husband and daughters, not to mention my dogs and my garden.

A soft introduction to what's been on my heart for a long time- 

The events I enjoy most are the ones where my creativity is allowed to shine, and I can source the freshest and most local flowers- as many as possible from my cutting garden. Thoughtfully Crafted Garden Style design is where my true passion lies, and I am most satisfied when there is a loose color palette, but not super specific flowers to be sourced. Season's Best. That's what I love to use in my designs.

 Late Summer / Fall Arrangement 

Early Spring Arrangement

So what this means is:

For 2019, I am fine tuning my schedule; including more true garden style events, intimate affairs, elopements, and events that really show off the Season's Best Flowers, mostly grown in the Fleurie Garden, locally sourced and California grown. Its my thang, my jam, my 'look', my style and the type of events I want to put my name on. 
It's my true passion to use the flowers I grow, and the style of events I prefer. 
If this sounds like your thing, please inquire! I also have many items in my inventory that I rent out at a nominal cost to you when you are a Fleurie Client. 

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