Friday, January 3, 2020

Where does time go when you're running a business? Some elusive place, never to be discovered again is my theory! 

I'd like to take a moment before more days pass in January 2020, to thank all my clients and fellow vendors that have entrusted me and this little company I call Fleurie, (fleur+Laurie) for their most special occasions.  It's a trust that is not taken lightly- flower filled events and the giving of flowers is very personal, and I treat it that way in what and how I design and create

I truly enjoy creating all things flowery, the thoughtfully crafted designs come from my heart. I feel like I’ve been given a gift for working with flowers in almost any form- a gift that I am so grateful for, and delighted to share
Fleurie Flower Studio
Fleurie-grown flowers, captured by Liz Noel Photography

Growing plants and working with flowers is second nature to me, truly a lifelong passion. Talking and interacting about budgets and contracts though, is not a thing that comes naturally for an introverted flower girl, even after so many years of it!

Fleurie-grown flowers in late April/ early May. Liz Noel Photography
2019 has been eventful- I had knee replacement surgery mid- summer, and took several months off to heal.  It was a time to redefine how I wanted to proceed in business and life. I scaled back on larger events and focused on more personal, intimate weddings, elopements and events using the seasonal flowers I am growing, and buying as local as possible for everything else.

I’m growing even more carefully selected flowers than ever in my tiny urban garden- ranunculus, anemones, tulips, Dutch iris, sweet peas, and other goodies to start the year off (hint: hello early spring events!)
Liz Noel Photography

I’m always working to become greener in my life and I’ve always taken steps to be ecologically sensitive, and that will continue on with responsibly-grown flowers, growing flowers for bees and pollinators, and providing a healthy place for birds to stop and drink and find a snack
Bachelors Buttons are a pollinator and bird favorite!

 I want to say, THANK YOU all for helping me grow this year and in past years, and for ‘growing’ along with me in the future!

April 2020 will be a milestone for me, celebrating 10 years officially in business!

Wishing you personal growth, health and happiness, and a Happy and Prosperous New Decade!


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