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 Hello Flower Lovers! 

Another- whew what a year(s) it has been. So many changes in the world, and in the Fleurie world. I am growing most of the flowers I sell, no small feat for our changing climate. 65+ days over 100 degrees so far this year, and I fear summer isn't done yet! The plants are so resilient though, and I almost always have flowers available to send out on deliveries or for pick up. 

September flowers grown by Fleurie

I am busy with end of summer tasks like pulling the spent summer flowers, sowing lots of seeds for spring bloom and patiently waiting for bulbs to arrive- Double Tulips, Hyacinth, and lots of Dutch Iris. 

Lisianthus seedlings will be arriving near end of October, I've never ordered plugs before, but I am joining two flower grower friends and sharing an order. I will keep locals posted if I have some extra plants to share in the early spring. 

I'd like to provide a link to my online store where you can purchase arrangements for pickup or delivery- https://fleurieflower.square.site/

Another development, is that I joined Rooted Farmers, a platform for growers, wholesale buyers and retail sales. I can sell and buy flowers wholesale, and you can buy flowers wholesale when you sign up with your business details and resale certificate, or buy flowers and goods retail. 

I am a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers- always working to improve my growing skills!