Styled photo shoots- some would ask why....

In the creative business of floral design, its all about showing what you can do, what you'd like to do....

If you build it, you can sell it, if you don't show it, you won't sell it etc...

So, in the interest of showing your stuff, showing off something a little different- new props, venues, etc., floral designers, venue owners, photographers, dessert buffet providers, paper artists, jewelry makers, makeup and hair artists and models get together to create a styled photo shoot.
It is a great way to familiarize and align yourself with local business owners, and highlight and promote something these vendors do really well that the public may not know about.

Sometimes, when the vendors all line up and make something really pretty, and a photographer documents it, it can get international attention, like on a MAJOR WEDDING BLOG.
This is huge for vendors like me. It is like a big pat on the back from a wedding industry blog devoted to showing their readers new and exciting ideas for their own weddings and events.

Really? They like my ideas? Boy, does that feel great! Its like: Wow, we brought together a great team, we shouldn't be surprised! But we are.  No matter how many times my business is published out there in the blogosphere, I know I will still be THIS excited.

So, thank you to Nikki for being bold, reaching out to me on Instagram with your idea for a "Paleta Inspired" photoshoot.

Our fabulous line-up of hard working vendors:

Nikki Martinez Photography
Cindy, R Wedding House- Event Venue
Nora, of Sugar & Sparkle
Makeup Artistry Studio, Fresno
Trademark Inspired
Creme de la Cake
Autumn and Audra, Humble in Heart
Laurie, Fleurie Floral Studio