Fleurie :: Learn And Grow :: Photography Workshop :: Raquel Leal Photography

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a photography workshop hosted and taught by
Raquel Leal Photography. Her work is so lovely and dreamy! I also had the pleasure and honor of providing flowers for the students to photograph.

I've been interested in photography all my life, but had not taken a class for many many years. As a floral designer, it is so important for me to have lots of quality shots of my work. I so greatly appreciate the professional photographers that I work with for this! Having a professional photographer around when I need them is not often possible! It is my intention to improve my skills enough to just get by when one is not available. This includes my talented daughter, Lauren. I call on her when I can too, but alas, she can't always be on call for her mama either! (though I try)

The Glass Barn at Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch in Ivanhoe, CA was the ideal setting for this workshop. There are so many areas that are great vignettes to capture a photo.

Our beautiful bride model, Kylee, in a vintage soft gray-blue dress, with the bridal bouquet. Raquel provided the students with so many lovely models for the day.

detail shot of the bride's bouquet- 

A practice shot on depth of field and exposure, from our seats in the lecture portion-

practicing depth of field
Focusing on mid range depth

..and to decorate our big table that we sat at for the lecture part of the lesson, little arrangements in gold mercury glass, with a hand calligraphed table runner

...flower crowns for beautiful mom Julie and her adorable baby to wear, photographed outside the Glass Barn

flower crowns are a favorite thing to make

This is the beautiful Gabbie- holding our lush and flowing centerpiece. Love that her dress totally reflected the colors in the flowers.
Gabbie outside the glass barn. Looking fierce.

I want to thank Raquel for a great day of learning and growing for this floral designer. Also, thank you to our patient models; Kylee, Gabbie, Landon, Julie, Leslie and Taylor. It was a wonderful experience.