Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Wedding in purples and greens

The last wedding of the year was a particularly special one. They are all special, as such a sacred important occurrence always is. I don't take my job lightly, so often, for me, it is an emotional time. This was truly one of those emotional times. 
For this wedding, I was was familiar with the bride, but had never met her in person. A friend of many friends.
When we met, I knew it would be a perfect match- bride-to-be and florist, and of course, the future husband and wife. It was like they were out there, waiting to find each other, knowing many of the same people, but never meeting.

She said the words all creatives love to hear- I love your work, here are my colors and a few ideas, you do what you do best! When given that sort of creative freedom, my mind races to what I can do to fulfill the expectations in the best possible manner. the work becomes a part of me, of what I really love to do. 

So, this little glimpse of some of the wedding flowers shows you what comes from my heart and creative workings of my soul.

A woodland style centerpiece

flowers in a tea tin

This beautiful arbor, frame made by the bride's friend, the quote painted by another friend

The cake and the flower filled initials


  1. Love your creativity. Your arrangements, and bouquets warm my heart and so pleasing to the eye. You are very talented and gifted, not to mention hard working. If you lived closer I would highly recommend you.

    1. Thank you Karen, I appreciate that. I would travel for the right wedding!