From the Cutting Garden, October 1

This week in the garden was bright and happy. I feel zinnias radiate happy. With their mostly bright- hued colors and little yellow florets ringing the center, they add a nice pop of bright color. Joining the zinnias this week are plume celosia, dahlias, Cappuccino rudbeckia, variegated skeleton leaf geranium and Mardi Gras gomphrena.  

As fall weather is upon us, the garden is slowing down for the hot summer-loving annuals, the dahlias are happier, and beginning to put on another round of blooms.
I recently did a little seed shopping and picked up some seeds to plant now, for early spring bloom. Sweet Peas, Larkspur, Nigella to name a few.
I love the sweet scent of the Sweet Peas, and look forward to picking lots of blooms come springtime.

The Sweet Pea is one of my favorite flowers to include in springtime bridal bouquets.

Just picked, ready to arrange