Wedding Video, Robyn and Alden, China Peak Ski Resort

This is one wedding video I am really excited about. The day didn't proceed exactly as planned. As happens in the mountains sometimes, thunder clouds rolled in, dashing plans to take a ride up Chair 6 to get to the top of the mountain. Thunder and lightening equal no chair lifts. The ceremony site was suddenly changed to a beautiful grove of trees next to a stream. Not a mountaintop, but a pretty darn special and intimate space.

Robin is as fun-loving as she seems in this video, it's not an act for the camera. I knew her bouquet needed to convey this message of the fun and energetic woman she is!
I think the flowers we did for this fun couple captured their fun and loving spirit.

Alden + Robyn : Married! ~ China Peak from on Vimeo.

A big sincere THANK YOU to the Brooks family for trusting me with a second wedding in a year! You can see her sister Allyson's wedding here.