A great list of questions to ask your prospective wedding florist, and why you should say no to DIY on your big day.

I found a great list of questions to ask your floral designer from Here Comes the Guide. It is an extensive list, and if the florist you are considering can't answer most of these, you may want to reconsider.

An experienced florist may not be as cheap as Aunt Lulu or your best friend, or someone who says"I really love flowers, let me do your wedding!" But, they know flowers, it is their business, their livelihood, their passion. They have a reputation to maintain. We as professional florists know what works and what does not. And we usually have a strong opinion on that!

For the bride and groom considering doing their own flowers- really? Are you sure you want to spend the weeks ahead of your big day arranging for the delivery and receiving flowers? It is a messy, time consuming and space consuming job. How will you store them and transport the flowers to the site? Who wants to do that? You probably won't have too many volunteers for that one.

Do you want your cuticles and fingernails stained and beat up from de-thorning dozens of roses? Does your bridal party and family REALLY want to help in the wee hours of the morning getting stuff done? Or would they prefer a nice relaxing rehearsal dinner without the ominous thought of getting those flowers put together and beautiful for your big day?

What happens if the bouquets wilt before you get your photos? Those photos that you will treasure and have up on your wall for many, many years. A record of that wonderful day when you married your soul-mate!

An experienced florist will know exactly how to condition and prepare the flowers for your big day, so they look their best, all. day. long. and possibly into the next week! It is what we do, what we are compassionate about.
Being a florist is not for the faint of heart- shipping delays, substitutions, bad product, happens all the time. Crop failures and weather issues are normal for us. We roll with it! The experienced florist will make substitutions and get product to their studio, no matter what.

Are you or willing to take on all that on the week of the MOST SPECIAL DAY OF YOUR LIFE?

Do you want to "go cheap" on something like this?
Please don't be an "I shoulda' bride. Ask these important questions. A real experienced florist will have the answers.

Here Comes the Guide- Questions to ask your Florist