Blacklake Golf Resort Inspirational photo shoot

Recently, I was invited to participate in a photo shoot at Blacklake Golf Resort in Nipomo, California. Allysha of Mechikoff Photography was the photographer responsible for these great shots of the flowers, and scheduling the shoot. Wedding coordinator at the resort is Ashley Enders.

When I got the flowers and foliage together for this bridal bouquet, I knew I wanted it to be in these blush toned colors with ferns and greenery, but I wasn't sure at the time where it was going.
Well, I like where I went with this one- it may be a favorite, but then I say that on a lot of bouquets I make!

This is a hand-tied cascade-style bouquet with ribbons and vintage tulle to dress up the handle. The black Scabiosa and Queen Anne's Lace are from my cutting garden. The little sweet pea buds and ornamental Oregano are from my host's garden. I got to them before the squirrels ate all the blooms off! The flowers and foliage were sourced locally, the roses from Eufloria and houseplants from Warren's Nursery.

 I loved gathering the flowers and supplies for this shoot from various vendors around 
Nipomo and Arroyo Grande. There is a wealth of local growers of great flowers and plants in the area. 
Its no wonder, the weather is fantastic. 

                    The blue chair from my host's garden made a great background for this brightly 
colored bridal bouquet. Some of her plants also made an appearance in these bouquets too. 
      I made a few rounds through her lovely garden, where the plants and flowers have amazingly bright 
colors of flowers and foliage. 
I like to use non-traditional foliages and flowers whenever possible, and these bouquets contain various flowers and foliage, both from the garden in Arroyo Grande and from my own cutting garden at home.

This arrangement can be used for a centerpiece at the reception, or for an accent piece during the ceremony. It is in what I call 'the miracle urn'. I have used this urn so many times- it is the perfect combination of size and height. The flowers can be made tall as well, to provide decoration for the altar or bar area of your ceremony.
Go here for the full album.

Working with Allysha, and Ashley, the event coordinator at Blacklake was a real pleasure. Both are very energetic, professional and motivated to make your special events run smoothly!