Thursday, June 13, 2013

From the garden of Fleurie, my seasonal bouquet

I went on a little walk around the garden on June 5, and here is what I found...

Flowers included in this bouquet are: Dahlia, Alstromeria, Red Pincushion Scabiosa, Mardi Gras Gomphrena, Verbena bonariensis, Ammi visnaga, seedling Rudbeckia hybrid, Feverfew, Centaurea, Lavender Monarda, Roses- Tournament of Roses and Breathless, Attar of Roses scented geranuim and Grosso Lavender, and there was a hydrangea tucked in the back.


  1. Thanks for naming all the flowers! I'm learning new things every day! Have you thought about adding it to The Seasonal Bouquet project?

    1. Hi Nikki, you are welcome! I tried to add to the seasonal bouquet project, but it said it was closed for submissions

    2. Aw, bummer, glad to know you tried! I dream of having a cutting garden so lush! Such beauties!