Mother's Day, my history of floral love

I started this post on Mother's Day, and just now getting back to finish it. My gardening roots run deep. I hope to pass on the love of gardening to my kids.

Taking time today to share a little history of my gardening and flower roots. This is my Mom in her various gardens....

In the Iris garden at Kings View Psychiatric Hospital, they had a wonderful Horticulture Therapy program there, which she was a part of for many years. 

The shade house and fish pond at Kings View

In the old Horticulture Therapy greenhouse, taking care of the plants 

Mom and flowers, in the late 40's

Our family garden from the 70's, neat and tidy rows. The  Zinnias aren't blooming yet, but were always planted for summer bouquets.

Flower arranging from her garden grown treasures
I wish I had pictures of my Grandmother in her garden. She had a wonderful garden too. Her patio was like a greenhouse, with Creeping Charlie, Pink Justica, Shrimp plant, being the plants I remember most. 
Out in the garden, Roses, a Meyer Lemon tree, Johnny Jump-ups, Liriodendron Tulip tree, deep purple French Lilac, Wisteria, and the cutest little grassy plant she called Rattlesnake grass, for it's pendulous rattler-like blooms. I have a cutting of the Justica from her original plant.