Budgets, DIY, and Making Memories, by Jessica Jones

I'd like to recommend an article by my flower-friend in Kentucky, Jessica Jones. She has written a great post on her business's blog, Blooms and Blossoms; Budgets, DIY, and Making Memories,

Its a nice, but frank artcle about the reality of flower prices, and the work that goes into just getting the flowers to the wedding. The effect that Pinterest, magazines and the internet has on brides who are looking at the thousands beautiful images of perfect, professionally photgraphed bouquets, and the reality of how much those magazine and blog-worthy weddings cost. 

bouquet by Jessica Jones

Jessica and I have gotten to be friends via the internet, thanks to Facebook. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever have "internet friends" I would have said, no, of course not! Well, that has really changed.  It is great to have someone in the same profession that is willing and happy to share tips and tricks, advice or maybe blow off some steam with. 

Jessica, I like being your flower-friend, wish we didn't live so far apart! We could get into some serious flower-filled fun!


  1. Thanks lady!!!!! Means so much! And you're right....wish we didn't live so far apart... major double trouble flowery fun !!!


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