Fusion Flowers Blog: You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore

In this big world of wild and wonderful flowers, it great to hear others are thinking more simply. Let's let flowers be flowers, in their natural glory.

I love this paragraph from an article on the new Fusion Flowers blog, by Stein Are Hansen

      "So, with our industry facing tougher and tougher competition from every gas station or grocery store, will the general respect for our craft, our trade, be higher by glittery stage performances or weird conceptual photos?  Or are we making ourselves a laughing stock?  Something that the general public or freshmen of the trade find confusing and hard to relate to?  What happened to emphasising the natural beauty of flowers?  Shouldn’t that be our main focus?  I often can’t help but think that flowers are much more beautiful coming straight out of the box or bundle rather than after they have been incorporated into a finished work."

I love to let the natural beauty of flowers and foliage stand out and shine in their own right. At my house, I usually have some sort of flower or foliage on the table, and most often it is a simple little arrangement that I find pleasing. Not something I would sell to my clients, but pretty nonetheless.

The arrangement below, from April of 2011, an exquisite white garden rose, Classic Woman, an Aeonium, a little sedum sprig, Bunny tails grass, Chameleon euphorbia, and Snowball viburnum, on a little piece of Cork Oak. All from a little walk around the garden. Made with a little recycled container with floral foam tucked into a knothole in the bark. Its one of my favorites.