off to meet my flower rock stars...

Today I can hardly contain myself- I am attending a floral design workshop in Oakland. Lemme give you a comparison: meeting these ladies, Nicolette and Sarah of the Little Flower School and Saipua is like uhmmm...
meeting the Cassidy brothers back in the day.
You know which day, those of you of an age near mine. Anywayyyy, ridiculously excited to learn from these flower rock stars.
Going to the San Francisco flower market to find some pretties for Mother's Day too.
Every day is a great day, but today is really great. So very thankful to have this opportunity to grow my mind and spirit.


  1. eek!! I get to go to flower school today!! Can't wait :)
    What goodies did you find at market?? I bet it was a great week to go there, so many flower choices I would imagine with it being Mother's Day weekend!!

  2. I was there to purchase mostly hard goods, and took home just a few flowers, my mind got boggled at the variety. The varied selection available compared to a couple of years ago is astounding. Happy day to you!


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