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Boy has this blog been hitting a subject on many minds lately. The subject of making changes in your business, and way of thinking, valuing the service we provide, not just providing flowers, but an overall "look". It seems that there are many florists out there doing a lot of introspective examining. I can say I am one of them. It is a hard business, making choices and saying yes maybe too often, especially in the heat of set-up or in that last meeting before setting up the event.
It really struck a nerve to hear of the florist's husband being roped into transporting the bridal party, with thanks of a cigar and handshake and a snide comment. It reminded me of a recent experience of my own, where I didn't stick up for myself and value the service I provide. Always feeling I didn't do enough, or feeling guilty for saying no.
I can say I will give a little more thought into saying yes to add-ons at that last minute, in the heat of the moment. Because I am pretty sure the person asking for these add-ons had no second thoughts about asking or intention of compensating for them.
All said, I absolutely love what I do. I am obsessed with making pretty flowers for nice people. I have great friends to ask for advice. I have a great family that puts up with our home becoming overrun with pretty-flower-making stuff, when it ceases to fit into the studio area. And I have had amazing people trusting me to provide flowers for their most special of occasions.
I am beyond grateful for all this and the new friends it has brought me over the last few years.


  1. It happened to me ONE time. I made pew bows at the last minute then the bride "forgot her" ck book. NEVER again. I sate if you dont pay me you DON'T get your add ons.. simple as that.. Works every time.

  2. By the way I say NO a lot. I pick all my battles, that comes with age. I am to old to fight with people that ONLY want!! and no give.

  3. Thanks Tracy, that advice is very good to remember, its getting easier to say no. By the way, love the bouquet on the header of your blog! Yummy!

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Just came across your post, so glad you found these articles on flirty fleurs so helpful. I re-read them myself, always something to learn. And, I agree with Tracy, I find myself saying no, but really I'm just standing up for myself. Best wishes for a great 2012!!

    1. Thank you Alicia for the info you present on your blog. Thought-provoking interesting stuff! Your work is lovely!


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