Woodsy arrangements for Kings River Conservancy

I made these arrangements at the request of a friend involved in this group- Kings River Conservancy  for their annual fund raising dinner party.

Their mission statement:
 "To foster community involvement in protecting and enhancing environmental values, to enhance and control public access for recreation, to educate the public on matters related to environmental values, to preserve agricultural lands and to encourage sound public conservation practices along the Kings River corridor from Pine Flat Dam to Highway 99"
I got to use some of the new skills I learned from Francoise Weeks when I attended her workshop in Portland in August

Plants, flowers and cork oak bark were gathered from my garden and the EH unit at Reedley College, wild berries from the river bank, celosia and succulents from a friend.


  1. Looks great...love the succulents and the fact that you gathered materials from your garden! Francoise would be so proud...

  2. Thank you, I love the challenge of using gathered materials when possible.


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