A two wedding weekend

Two weddings, very different colors, no confusing what flowers went to whom. First, L&K's wedding at Copper River Country Club, a bright fall palette:
 bridesmaid bouquet
 cake topper
 flowergirl's pomander
Beautiful cake made by one of my June brides, Christa.

a bit of a fuzzy shot of the bride's bouquet, the blur of white is the bride!

A few pictures of my own, looking forward to pictures from Ely Roberts Photography to appropriately capture the beauty of this wedding!

And, on to J&J's wedding in Fresno at the Big Red Church, a pretty palette of blue, white and silver.
 cake topper
church arrangement
 toss bouquet
 pretty maids' bouquets, all in a row
 flowers for the cake table, minus the cake

Bride's bouquet- I was able to get the Anemones for Jamie- yeaaaa!
Looking forward to the professional  pictures from this one too!

Special thanks to my dear sister-friend Peg for coming to my rescue to help with finishing off details at home and delivery and set-up at the venues. To Tricia for showing up on friday with willing hands to help, even though she had an event of her own the next day! You two make it fun fun fun, with lotsa laughs!  And to my wonderful husband Nino and my daughter for their valuable help. I couldn't do this without you all!