I'm on Botanical Brouhaha today!

Today, Amy at Botanical Brouhaha posted part one of my story about my experiences at the Francoise Weeks' workshop that I won in a drawing on her blog.
I can't begin to say how thankful and blessed I feel for being able to attend it. The lessons I learned there will have a big effect on my work, how I think about what I do. When working on our own projects after the demonstration of the techniques, Francoise made a point of saying she didn't want us to copy her design exactly, but to make it ours. Such a profound statement: make it your own.

I love most all design styles, and enjoy starkly modern to fluffy Victorian styles. In my heart though, I really enjoy a very botanical look, using natural materials. It comes from my horticultural background. I have always enjoyed growing plants. A plant geek at heart. So Francoise's designs speaks to me, her little magical wonderlands carefully composed with all manner of flowers and plant material, sticks, mosses, lichen, mushrooms...I could go on and on.

Thank you Francoise, for inspiring me to do more of what I love to do- making pretty flowers for nice people! You are a great teacher!


  1. Your blog is a delight. Where in central ca are you? I'm in Walnut Creek. Our names are so similar, maybe we're cousins. :)
    fleurie - florali

  2. Sounds like it was an incredible opportunity! Look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing your beautiful creations!


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