a visit to The Melissa Garden

 The Melissa Garden is a garden all about bees. Attracting, nurturing, studying, promoting the health of the native bees, honey bees and pollinators. While on vacation in Windsor, CA recently, we had the privledge of visiting this beautiful place located in the hills near Healdsburg among the wineries.
From the moment I stepped out of the car, I was entranced with the setting: a gorgeous mix of flowers springing out among the native oaks and manzanita. The pictures do not do it justice, so hard for me to capture the spirit and color in photos.

The Bee Keeper, a sculpture made from recycled goods.

A very tranquil spot, insects need water, and there are several fountains on the property to provide a calm spot to pause.


  1. That garden more interesting! The sculpture is original, and even more when we know that is made from recycled materials. The sources do you have a quiet and relaxing ...
    Good blog! Greetings from Spain.


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