I am so thankful for all the support of my floral venture: Fleurie- flowers by L Garza. It has been an exciting and rewarding year. I want to thank all the brides and their families for trusting me with a major element of their biggest day, I am honored that I was asked to provide your flowers.
  To all my floral helpers: I couldn't have done it without you! All these ladies have a love for flowers and pretty things that are made from them, and put up with me! Thanks again and again to all of you!
  To my family: Nino, I'll bet you didn't know you'd be a flower wrangler did you? I sincerely thank you for all you do to get the flowers out the door and on the road! To my daughters, thanks for keeping me company sometimes late at night as I work, and for the advice when I can't figure out if something is "just right". They have great ideas. To Peg, my sister in heart for all the encouragement and confidence-building you give.
And to my friend Tricia a fellow floral artist and flower-obsessed fanatic, for bringing out and encouraging the creativity in me constantly and for recommending me to your friends and family for their flowers. 
Blessings to all in the New Year.

The year started off with a gorgeous wedding with a surprise POP of red- the bride's bouquet.  The personal and ceremony flowers were all white.
more Photos: Mark Janzen Photography

Moving on to a mono-botanical/ monochromatic bouquet of Calla lilies, pink for the bride, white for the bridesmaids.

In April, a cool month with some hot colored bouquets:
a bright color combo of red, orange, green and yellow.

The wedding of my dear friends' son was up next, filled with his bride's choice of
traditional Indian colors of red, orange and white, with a pop of bright green and some yellow added.

Next, a mix of white, blues and purples with a few peacock feathers thrown in for interest, the sweet peas were from my garden
photo by Lauren Garza Photography

In June, we celebrated the wedding of my sweet niece with these gorgeous colors and flowers. I was thrilled that she loved the same colors as I do, it was so easy to make this wedding beautiful. With much help from friends and family, (you know who you are) it was a hit!
photo by Lauren Garza Photography

Next, a wedding I got to assist on in Cayucos at Cass House, using lots of herbs from my garden.
We had a nice little vacation there too!
a cooperative bouquet between Tricia and I.

Camille arranged this all by herself!

In July, a wedding that made me take another look at purple and lavender, which are not favorite colors of mine, but this warmed me up to the combo. I did the personal flowers for their day. Thanks to the bride who said "do whatever you want I'm sure it will be pretty! I love those words!

more photos: Johnny Stafford Photography

A wedding reception for the daughter and son-in-law of my friends Terry and Bev took us to Danville. They were married in Belgium, and came to California for a second reception. It looked like a party in Provence, with a bright palette of golden yellows, purples and blues. Many of the flowers were from my garden.

On to September, and another cooperative effort with Tricia and her family. Had so much fun planning this with my good friend and her sweet daughter! They are all such a creative bunch. Again, my fantastic flower helpers: Amanda, MaryBeth, Gail, Robin, Jill were indispensable! Couldn't have pulled it off without them.
photo: Ely Roberts Photography

And off to October, at the Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters, a beautiful romantic and modern wedding and reception that I got to create flowers for. Fall colors, but with a softer palette that I loved! Thanks to Amanda for her expert help and ability to read my mind! 

Thanks again everyone! Looking forward to events in the New Year!


  1. It is you we must ALL thank. For making our dreams come true. For taking our ideas and making them come alive with beauty. It would not be possible to without the many hours planning, designing, stressing, and late nights you put into every event you do. It is not always $$$$ you will see in return, but love and gratitude for a job well done. I thank you for your constint encouragement, friendship, creativeness and spirit with which you do your thing. You are blessed beyond monitary values with your family, quiet spirit and enthusiasm you bring no matter how your day has gone. I'm sure our creater has prepared a special place for you in heaven surrounded by flowers in full bloom. ALL at the same time without having to be in season. Wouldn't that be beyond wonderfully beautiful!
    God Bless you and Happy New Year!!!
    Now lets get moving on ALL the posibilities this year...


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