This week I harvested my first squash of the season. I planted green zucchini, gold bar, dwarf zucchini, crookneck, straightneck, yellow patty-pan and delicata. Watch out for the squash fairy at a doorstep near you!

I'm still harvesting sweetpeas, though their time is short, with all this heat.
We also picked a few berries from our newly acquired garden at the college. The other berries are a later variety, thankfully. It makes the season longer.
The tomatoes are in their big cages, thanks to my husband for the help with those.

There are little tomatoes on every plant. We are growing Sungold, Amana orange, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Tigerella, Better Boy. Celebrity, and a few more I can't remember right now.

Peppers of many varieties, cucumbers, eggplant, romano green beans, two kinds of potatoes and watermelons all growing like crazy. Among those Cami and me planted sunflowers for cutting.

The one plant of a birdhouse gourd is growing great too, along with the Indian corn from Jerry. I saved the seed about four years ago and it is still viable. Its a pretty variety with small ears and colored husks- very decorative!
The cut-flower garden I planted last week is coming along nicely. I planted zinnias, statice, burgundy, lime and pink Bombay cockscomb celosia, gerbera daisies, and feather celosia.
Still need to plant the hanging amaranthus and a few others. It was so hot when I planted them, they weren't very happy for a few days.

I hope to be able to utilize the blooms for my customer orders, as nice unusual fill-in flowers, to add interest to my bouquets.