Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meet Kathleen of Bloemster!

What a fun and full day Kathleen Williford of Bloemster and I had on a lovely December day. The power of social media, and bringing like minded people together is just awesome.

Who would have known a simple comment on a social media page would lead to a 3+ hour drive and a day full of exploring a couple of organic farms, wreath-making and non-stop talking?

Well it did. Kathleen made the trip to Reedley on a sunny December day. Read about it in her blog post here on Bloemster:

The lovely start and end to our busy day-
Kathleen and Rebecca of Tory Farms in Dinuba. Notice the Egrets flying in to investigate in the background....I was a little distracted taking this picture!

Kathleen and I with our (mostly) finished wreaths with Tory Farms grapevines and foraged evergreens

Read more about it on Kathleen's new Farm to Home Lifestyle blog!


  1. hi Laurie, so nice to see you here on the screen with our mutual friend Kathleen~
    hope we can meet in person in 2014.....
    best to you, Debra

    1. Thank you Debra! I hope to meet you too! Maybe in WA with our friend Alicia. I hope to travel up there in the summer. Hope to visit flower farms along the way.