Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am happy, proud, giddy and just outright excited to be a member of the trendsetting group of floral designers called "The Chapel Designers

It is a wonderful group of like-minded florists from all over the world that gather together to support, learn, grow and challenge each to their reach their highest potential. 
I want to thank Holly Heider Chapple for all the love and work and passion she puts into the group and into our profession.

Here is a little tease of the bouquet I made that is included in the post:

2013 Trend Setting Wedding Bouquets by The Chapel Designers
The groom, holding his soon to be wife's bouquet just before the wedding.
Included in the design is Incense Cedar from my friend Rosemary at Squaw Valley Herb Gardens, and plumosa fern from my own garden.

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